Pretty shitty day today so far.

Finna re enroll tmrw and cop dat diploma rite quick lel.

Also acquired temp housing, so I can worry a little bit less hah but still good news and its solid too.

Still so much I need to do though :$

Progress report.

Anonymous: I don't know you, but I'm really proud of you for doing what you're. Keep it up. It might seem awfully shitty at first, but if you got through detox, you can get through anything you out your mind to. 

Im alive and it feels fucking refreshing, mostly because I hath also become mildly intoxicated on dat marihuana prior to this ask response posting.

Welcome back to the internet

or what the fuck ever, but I do believe I lower my dose of Sub to 1/3 of a 8/2mg strip today, after taking half a strip for 4 days im p sure. 

meaning … im pretty close to the end. 

I admit that I fucking detested the idea at first and assumed it would never work and that I’d remain in denial, angry at Life and it’s crazy antics and other BS I’d rather not deal with 

but the tiny bits of “normal” and/or “sober” feelings I can for whatever reason visibly remember every hour are becoming more refreshing as the days go by, which means at one point shit will be so worth it.

My God has died, no faith no glory hahaha JUST ME